Friday, April 22, 2016


A to Z Blogging Challenge
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Julnar of the Sea,
Tales from the Arabian 1001 Nights

SPECIAL, stable, sensible, satisfied, sleek, splendid, soft, scholar, safe, strong, sturdy, shrewd, significant, supportive, steady, sensitive, strength, super, superb, social, smooth, swift, successful, sweet, sympathetic -->  SPOIL

Welcome lovers of STORY! Today story is about how to set-up a tradition tale for telling, the how-to made simple. Julnar of the Sea will be the example story, ancient and well crafted maybe too long and involved, a story within a story. The teller, Sacheherazade, had her motives for telling about Julnar. Of course, it is a story to create success for herself, a concubine, scholar and good storyteller. 


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  2. Thanks, Narayanan Rao, almost a year! Takes time to recover, and getting ready for the next challenge. I do have you on my list as interesting blogger. Love Hindi stories, especaily the religious myths!