Monday, April 18, 2016

Tatsuko, Dragon Princess

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Tatsuko, Dragon Princess
Japan was settled in the 16th-century by generals, who make Japan one very prosperous nation. The 17th-century saw the rise of Kyoto where the rich occupied the fantasy of fashion, courtesans, and eventually the geisha, which means persons of art: conversation, dance, music, preforming the tea ceremony, reading literature, and fine calligraphy, well educated. 1730’s Both men and women were Geishas. They entertained like the jesters in the European courts. By 1780s Geishas were mostly women under strict governmental regulation, not licensed prostitutes. Geishas lived in Tea Houses to offer their entertainments of the arts. The famous Japanese Tea Ceremony is associated with Geisha. Their fashions supported the merchants shops: the gown - the Komodo; fans; hair dressing and wigs; make-up; instruments, and musicians. The story of Tatsuko, Dragon Princess is about a poor maiden who gets her wish to become a rainbow dragon and brings gifts of fish to her mother and village.