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The Silver Dragon and  Golden Phoenix and the Pearl

VALUE, vital, vivid, vigorous, virtue, valiant, virtue, vision, voice, valuable, valued, vigor, vibrant --> VICTIM

Welcome lovers of story!  Today’s story is about a pearl and its value to dragons and the moon.

Before there was anything, there was Yin, the heavy, material of the earth, and Yang, the light material of the sky, circling in chaos through the sky the might Milky Way. P’angu, the First Dragon was born from an egg that came from their chaos. P’angu gave us the Silver Dragon, the Golden Phoenix, the Unicorn and the Tortoise, and his dreams. When he died, P’angu  gave us China. He left his father Yang, the sky and Yang, and his mother the earth, Yin.

The ancients drew Queen Mother and King Father as serpents with human heads. As thousands of years passed, Yang became the King Father of the East. Yin became the Queen Mother of the West. Eventually, both became humans, dressed in the finest golden silk embroidered with dragons stitched with bright colors. They are Celestial Dragons that hold up the heavens and lived in the royal temple on a high golden mountain that reached 333 thousand feet high into the middle of the sky. They had nine sons and twenty-nine daughters. P’angu's brother drew the Sun God’s chariot through the sky. The Sun God helped the first Dynasty, yellow Dragon, The Sun God gave medicines and herbs and the five crop stone to the farmers.

After P’angu died his friends, the Sliver Dragon and the Golden Phoenix, stayed in the Milky Way, the universe. One day they found a stone and the Queen Mother wants the magic.

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