Friday, April 8, 2016

Hood Red

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Hooded Red
G for gentle, gallant, genuine, good-willed, generous, genius, good, good-natured, gorgeous, great, grand, and grateful, all that granny and the innocent child are, the positives. The wolf is ghastly, gloomy, gnarled, graved, groping, gruff, and guilty, the negatives, GRIM.

 British Museum
Wolves were important to the forests, but not to the farmers taking over the woods, So the wolf, the first tamed animal helping the ancient hunters, now our pet dog, in the middle ages of farming, became the veil, gruff, gnarled animal. I can imagine why the wolf is in survival mode.

Today's the wolf is one who tries to fool a  a con, which can be grim, which is eating and stocking, or worse in our horror stories. Young girls are not to talk to strangers, because that person maybe in a wolf’s coat or as in this 18the century folktale dressed in granny’s clothing. What does that say about the grannies in our world - Are we that dumb and stupid to let a wolf eat us, HA! BE-WARNED!

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Little Red Riding Hood
granny is sipping a cup of tea in a comfortable, loving, safe and secure place with the help of the wood ‘would’ cutter in her basket of tricks. Granny’s house is the end of the journey and Innocent Red Riding Hood traveled through many wolves to become that old grandmother and no wolf is going to eat her. This is my enhance, re-imaged and take on the story!

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