Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tiger and the Fish

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I - ingenious, intelligent, imaginative, important, immersed, interested, involved, incredible, innocent, illuminate, impressive, intense, incite, industrious, idealistic, introvert, imitate, impulsive, incisive, influence, ignite  ---> IDLE.

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Rabbit, although very small, is to rib Uncle Tiger or intimidate the large beast into letting the Cousins live in peace, only to take what he needs, not to be greedy. The tale told in Korea spoke about the government officials who is Tiger, and the peoples under Tiger's rule, the cousins. The story is in three parts usually preformed in a dance with the drummers and string instruments, most of the time with a sense of humor as not to insult the officials. Both Uncle Tiger and Cousin Rabbit are in the Zodiac. Tiger is passionate, ambitious, brave, confident, impulsive, and powerful: he is third because he swam across the Yellow River. Rabbit is who fourth and sociable, generous, artistic, intuitive, and modest; she hopped across the Yellow River in the contest to see what animals would be in the Chinese Zodiac. Fish denotes good luck, and prosperity, plenty.

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